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Thoughtworks 2017

Thoughtworks Tech Radar Vol 17 (2017) - Why? It was loaded and I had no internet atm

What’s new?

Open source rise in China

Why is it occurring?

The prospect of working on cutting-edge open source projects with other smart developers is a universal incentive.

Cloud as the new normal

Instead of asking, “Why in the cloud?”, many companies now ask, “Why not in the cloud?” when embarking on new projects.

  • Polycloud for using multiple cloud providers simultaneously.


Lightweight Architecture Decision Records

a technique for capturing important architectural decisions along with their context and consequences.

  • Best done straight within the code to be in sync with the code itself.

Applying Product Management to Internal Platforms

means establishing empathy with internal consumers (read: developers) and collaborating with them on the design. Platform product managers establish roadmaps and ensure the platform delivers value to the business and enhances the developer experience.

  • Internal platforms should be as important as what is created for the client (in a way) as it will be interconnected with the developer’s future work creating a product for the client.

Architectural Fitness Function

provides an objective integrity assessment of some architectural characteristics, which may encompass existing verification criteria, such as unit testing, metrics, monitors, and so on.

Autonomous Bubble Pattern

This approach involves creating a fresh context for new application development that is shielded from the entanglements of the legacy world.

  • This is focused on integrating modern architecture into companies with a lot of legacy code. You create separate “bubbles” where both bubbles have full control.

Chaos Engineering

Predominantly useful for large scale systems which you know will occasionally be subject to turbulent conditions. So, I imagine at pre-scheduled times or low-use hours you can test these conditions to see how your system reacts.


a cultural shift and a set of practices that allows people across an organization to continuously redesign products without compromising quality, service coherency or team autonomy

  • Advocates for the creation and evolution of a design infrastructure. Tools like Storybook make it a part of everyone’s job.

Micro Frontends

In this approach, the web application is broken down into its features, and each feature is owned frontend to backend, by a different team

  • Separation of concerns. Less state to manage. Lower code bundle. Endless benefits.

Pipelines for Infrastructure as Code

enables errors to be found before changes are applied to operational environments — including environments used for development and testing

  • Basically pre-deploy hooks.

TDD’ing Containers

Literally running tests on container scripts.

Algorithmic IT Operations

steady improvement in machine learning algorithms will inevitably change the role of humans in operating tomorrow’s data centers

  • Tools like Prometheus are automating the ability for companies to find algorithmic bottlenecks in their applications.