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JavaScript Nuances

Things to remember about Javascript

Traversal through the tree

// Traversal up and down the tree
const el = document.querySelector('.some-el');
const parent = el.parentNode;
const firstChild = el.firstChild;
const lastChild = el.lastChild;
const children = el.childNodes;

// Traversal left and right
const previousSibling = el.previousSibling;
const nextSibling = el.nextSibling;


A common use for DocumentFragment is to create one, assemble a DOM subtree within it, then append or insert the fragment into the DOM using Node interface methods such as appendChild() or insertBefore(). Doing this moves the fragment’s nodes into the DOM, leaving behind an empty DocumentFragment. Because all of the nodes are inserted into the document at once, only one reflow and render is triggered instead of potentially one for each node inserted if they were inserted separately.

<ul id="list"></ul>

  var list = document.querySelector('#list');
  var fruits = ['Apple', 'Orange', 'Banana', 'Melon'];

  var fragment = document.createDocumentFragment();

  fruits.forEach(function(fruit) {
    var li = document.createElement('li');
    li.innerHTML = fruit;

  • So, if you ever need to create a bunch of elements on the fly, use DocumentFragment to prevent the DOM from updating more than once.

Cache DOM nodes

  • Cache created DOM nodes, and use them as a pool of pre-assembled elements you can put back in the page as needed.

    • So if for whatever reason you need to create lots of elements for common use cases, cache these elements, be prepared in a way? I wonder what React does

Cooperative Scheduling of Background Tasks

This specification is focused on running background tasks when the browser is idle. At a time separate from the event loop to ensure that the tasks don’t impact latency-critical events such as animation and input response.

Examples of background tasks include recording analytics data, long running data processing operations, client-side templating and pre-rendering of content likely to become visible in the near future.