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What I wrote when I awoke

Creation of experiences, emotional states, directly from memory.

  • images, words can be conjured
  • infer situations
  • you can view yourself dreaming

I dreamt that I was awake, trying to write this but a white ghostlike element was crying towards me, awaking me.

Before awakening I heard what sounded like the beginning of a song. A very high pitched, but rhythmic song. I heard the sound of my name, J, the j sound. Like a tune, …

  • Can’t read the rest.

What I remember now

I do not remember what preluded the dream. I know that I was only sleeping for around 30 minutes. I know my mind was racing and the dream was vivid. But what I remember is the waking dream. The time when you see yourself dreaming. Which is defined as lucid dreaming. But, my eyes were open while I was dreaming. I was looking out into the room. But, the sounds of dreams were still filling my mind. I heard voices and that sound when things are rushing towards you. And, I directed my mind to thoughts of premonition. I remember continually thinking that someone would walk into the room. Like something was gonna happen. I conjured what appeared to be a ghost and it flew at me. It sang towards me. What appeared to be the j sound, high pitched as mentioned earlier. I remember that while dreaming I had this idea, and I felt a need to write, as mentioned above.

But what is this idea?

It was simple. It was me telling myself that a dreamlike state could be created. I was thinking that it was easy, it appears. The memory creates experiences and emotional states. But, I must have had a deeper thought then that. Perhaps not. I believe the real thought was before the lucid dreaming. As I had a sudden desire to awake. There was an excitement. This world of thought must be thanks to Let the Great World Spin.


I went back to Montanita. Just to enjoy life. To vacation. Party/drink/etc. I worried of silly things, are they happy that I am back? Should I have come back? And the trip ended.

Then on my way home, I stopped in a used book store. There were few books. I looked and looked but found nothing of interest. I was about to go and then noticed that there was a back room, I went in and saw some books. I picked up an old textbook titled: ‘The Physics of Metaphysics’. I decided that it was the book for me. Then I woke up.