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Human Relations at Work

When being screened

If a startup

See if they believe in what we believe in and come with ideas. What is needed is someone that can work without needing to be told what to do.

12+ employees

Value driven screening. How does each candidate fare with the company values? The three whys (what really motivates someone)?

Some questions to be mindful of

Tell me about your best day of work over the last few years.

Something about figuring out how people are like to work with.

How much do you need to make so you’re not worried about bills and you can take a vacation?

What did this person do to this companies success and what could they have done?

How do the values correlate with behaviours?

A great resource to help create better teams:

Atlassian team playbook

  • Specifically DACI and Inclusive Meetings sections

The art and science of the job description

  1. Company goals
  2. Team Goals
  3. Organisational planning (budgeting, headcount)
  4. role definition
  5. write the job description
  6. Link to PDF from Artsy recruiter

Compensation Strategies for Early Stage Startups Slides

Structured Hiring Slides from Greenhouse