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You can only learn so much

You can only learn so much

no such thing as a fullstack developer

There is no such thing as a true fullstack developer, unless you are very experienced in the industry. Maybe then that is possible. There is only so much a mind can know. And, honestly, to be one with the mind that grasps everything should not be a goal. We choose what to put our time into, and these things are what we will come to better understand. The things that we do not put time into we will not learn more about.

So what must one do?

  1. Do the research

    • What is most important to you?
  2. Look at the big picture

    • How can you nurture the knowledge that is most important to you?
  3. Create some structure

    • What are the little things you can do day in, day out to grow this knowledge?
  4. Take the decision out of the moment

    • Plan your learning rather than learning based on what you momentarily decide.
  5. Stop chasing trends

    • You’ll never be able to keep up with them all
  6. Prioritise happiness

    • 😊

Frontend developer

What is a front end dev, i’m part of the new generation, so one that learns all the things at once. But before me, there were clearer job titles. You do CSS and HTML, and maybe design, maybe a little JS. Now, you have to know React, JS, HTML, CSS, Node, be good with the command line, maybe some AWS, on and on. This is unreasonable to be expected.

Perhaps, companies believe all this knowledge is key as the high pay developers command. Perhaps it is the reputation of a developer, someone that just wants to put their head down every day battling the whims of the computer to create a product.

This excellent article defines this very well: The Great Divide

neurons going in polarizing directions

And there is also this excellent article about being a Fullstack Developer: What Does it Mean to Be “Full Stack”?

some pancakes

Well, I’ll just be over here, learning one thing at a time. Hoping that it eventually leads to something good.