About me

I’m Jerry. Born and raised in the Bronx. Before joining the tech world, I was a chef in NYC. Currently, I am a Web Developer with a focus on UX and performance. And all the other cool new things. React, Node, and the giant ecosystem around it, which I have consumed a healthy portion of over my time in this field.

I’ve made some things over time. Like this: Find an issue. And a bunch of sites for the company I have been working at: Meep Labs (including their site). I can do other stuff like integrate products into Zolando or replicate the design of almost any site. I like to write technical articles, and my posts can be found on this site or over at Free Code Camp. Well, eventually they will be. Meanwhile, I am writing almost daily stuff on here.

Some facts perhaps?

  • Favorite magazines? Nautilus and MIT Technology Review
  • A defining characteristic? 95% of the people I meet do not believe me when I say I am American
  • Sports? I play a lot of football (the one with the ball on the feet). Surfing is fun
  • Weekend? Words, experiences, and Go
  • Why do people not believe you’re American? (Predominantly) an inexplicable deep accent
  • Why do you love programming? The incredible amount of possibilities
  • Favorite show atm? Monty Python and the Flying Circus
And now for something completely different:

men-who-think-they're-chickens men who think they are chickens? funny software developer

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