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What is it?

I compiled a bunch of data from companies by manually going through their websites and gathering the key/values that they associate with.

And, it’s so incredibly rough that I have not yet deployed it. Basically, all it does right now is count specific words within the data with an attempt to find patterns.

What the heck am I doing with this project

Logo… maybe just steal this:

logo of a heart signifying values

So that’ll be in the color palette: rgb(81, 191, 169)

  • Greenish color palette I suppose
  • Colors picked these… css variables:

    • —textColor: #302D30; /_ Change this as you go along, they gave black initially _/
    • —primary: #55AAAA;
    • —light: #80FF80;
    • —light-primary: #4DCCB3;
    • —dark-primary: #008080;


Top will be a super simple nav thing with several links

  • Table link
  • Charts link
  • Github link


I should replace the bar chart with a bubble chart.

Pie chart for basically the same data in the bubble chart. Or polar chart

Both should be toggle-able. Show whichever is more interesting first

  • The charts I’ll have will be Keys and values separate. Keys and values combined. So there will be a total of 6 tables

    • 3 pie charts, 3 bubble charts


I’ll just write this with pure CSS/HTML.

This can be toggle-able as well. The same idea as the charts, same data.

There should be search capabilities, lazy loading, and other performance optimisations.