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JAM Stack

the jamstack ecosystem

What does it stand for?



  • All programming is handled with JS


Reusable APIs accessed over HTTP with JavaScript abstract all server-side processes or database actions (e.g. Twilio, Stripe).

  • So, microservices are the way to go.


  • Simply, simplified creation of text content. For a blog, markdown can be used.

Reasons to use

  1. No need for a server. Just use microservices. Everything is right there for you, in the browser, readily available.
  2. Security is locked, everything is in the browser.
  3. Cheap hosting, literally free on Netlify, etc.
  4. Loose coupling so each feature is separated allowing for simler development.
  5. And again… performance! Gatsby sites get excellent lighthouse scores.


It is basically a JAMstack boilerplate utilising React, Webpack, GraphQL, and a whole lot of other awesome tools. Super easy deployment as it is literally a static website. It also generates a PWA so you have amazing performance from the start.

  • It utilises Googles (P)ush(R)ender(P)re-cache(L)azy-load architectural pattern to create the great performance.
  • It also has a huge ecosystem full of plugins to add to your application.

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